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Our motto

Together for a freer life!

We are a global, collaborative, innovative network that uses the power of community. Solution-oriented to ensure our customers' satisfaction, to make life easier and more pleasant.

our mission

With our company, we are breaking new ground that is currently unparalleled in this market.
We want to offer our customers the best possible experience they can have in the shopping world.
It is therefore extremely important not to reinvent the wheel yourself, but to explore new paths together with qualified partners.
By purchasing our products you actively support various projects worldwide!
But our goal is also to make the world a little better with crowd investing!
For this reason, we have decided not to offer certain investments.
These include projects that violate human rights, promote child labor, use animal testing, support armaments, finance addictive substances, etc.

Planned projects


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Meet the Leadership

Klaus Schädler

CEO & Founder

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IT programmer

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Our partners


smart fees

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Stock exchanges

Exchange UOST

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Profitable investments

Unicorn Service Co,

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Contact us

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
We will be happy to call you back if you would like to have a personal conversation

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