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The future vision of UOST

The intention of Unicorn Service Co., Ltd is with the UOST (Uniports online Shopping Token)

to create a reliable digital currency in a financial infrastructure.

This infrastructure will facilitate the global internet shopping experience in the future, paying for services A-Z

UOST already listed on the 1st exchange, more exchanges will follow soon, we are currently in negotiations with Asian exchanges.

In line with our commitment to technological advancement, we will first integrate the Polygon network, which should be completed in the next few days.

These integrations will improve the scalability and efficiency of our platform, enable faster transactions and lower fees like ETH.

Upon completion of these steps, we will proudly unveil our improved platform, complete with updated limits on where can be sent to the exchange.


KI-revolution will change the market!

  • Trading derivative products in the international market is a profitable & scalable business that works without you! What not everyone knows: which companies win. That's your advantage. We act decisively for you.

Every start-up needs investors!

to place our planned projects on the market step by step!

Invest and get your investment back immediately in return!

Take advantage now of this opportunity to participate in a start-up that we only make possible for a small elite of investors - a lifelong participation!


New times new marketplaces!

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition period and look forward to working together with our community to generate a platform of the future.

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